While humans largely dominate the continent, all of the major races are represented to some degree.


Humans populate almost the entire continent of Tehluah. The largest concentrations of humans can be found in the current imperial areas (Parsia and Byrr) as well as the former provinces of the northwest. All of the human lands speak some form of Parsian, the common language of the empire.


Hobbits are the only prominent race of Tehluah to have never known Parsian control. They originated on the mainland of Tehluah, but at some point migrated to the island chain that now makes up the Republic of Hearthahm. They are accomplished merchants and sailors and long plagued Parsian shipping as privateers.


Living in the Black Mountains, the dwarves prefer isolation and limit their contact with the outside world. During the period of Parsian control, K’ourhm Khat negotiated deals with the imperial governors to supply their expert blacksmithing services in return for limited autonomy. Currently, all trade deals with the dwarves are handled at special trading cities at the edges of the mountains. Few outsiders are allowed into K’ourhm Khat.


Living mostly in Kahzm Brahk, gnomes tend towards scholarly and scientific endeavors. During the years of Parsian control, most gnomes scarcely noticed as long as they were allowed to continue their pursuits. Since most gnomes are not interested in pursuing work that is not skilled in nature, many humans and others have made good livings at jobs in Kahzm Brahk.


Long ago, the elves established colonies in The Great Forest and beyond. They brought civilization and religion to the human and hobbit tribes they encountered on the mainland. The Elves left because they became disillusioned with the violence of humans, the greed of dwarves, and the indifference of gnomes. The elves of Gra’hevesar have always maintained relations with the hobbits of Hearthahm. Elves are rarely seen in mainland Tehluah outside of The Great Forest and are slipping into the realm of legend. Half-elves are found both in human societies and in the forest settlements. They are rarely found in Gra’hevesar.


Goblins have no real homeland. They have existed as wandering tribes for most of their existence. During the height of Parsian power, most of the goblin tribes were enslaved. Many goblins still live in bondage to this day in areas where slavery is still practiced. Escaped slaves have joined up with free goblins and formed aggressive tribes called renegades. They often are little more than bandit gangs, but a few are actively striving to overthrow slavery in all of Tehluah.


Orcs were created by the Unnamed One during the Second War of the Heavens. Since then, they have settled in the Razorback Mountains, forming Azkak Bak. Recently, orcs have become more aggressive, clashing with elves in The Great Forest and supporting the renegades in the northern lands. Half-orcs are not uncommon in Azkak Bak and the various tribes in the unsettled areas, but are rare in the civilized areas.


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