Tehluah map

Eastern Tehluah

The eastern areas of the continent are controlled by the remnants of the Parsian Empire and the Byrranum Imperium. They are loosely aligned and technically the Byrranum Imperium is still a part of the Parsian Empire, though it is independent in practice if not by law. Off the southern coast are three large islands. Two of them are independent countries, the Southern Syndicate and the Illisearan Kingdom. The third, the Isle of Cahok, is ruled by several petty warlords who are constantly fighting to increase their area of control. To the north of the Parsian border is the Sperr Wasteland, a large, arid plain that is controlled by several nomadic tribes.

Northwestern Tehluah

This area was previously ruled by the Parsian Empire (with the exception of the Hearthahm Republic). The largest of the independent nations is the Protectorate of Graius. Other human dominated nations are the Protectorate of Raeis, the Military District of Nellis, the Kingdom of Torvick, and the Grand Duchy of Naplis. Off the northwest coast is the island homeland of the hobbits, the Hearthahm Republic. Kahzm Brahk, a peninsula to the north of Graius, is the home of the gnomes. Running through the Black Mountains range is K’ourhm Khat, home of the dwarves. South of this area is a region of city states and the Duchy of Brellem.

Southwestern Tehluah

The southwest area of the continent is a largely wild and dangerous area. To the south of the city states are The Great Forest, the only area of the continent with a significant elven population, and the Wilderlands, an area overrun by various monstrous races. The Razorback Mountains house the orc homeland of Azkak Bak. On the southern shore is the Darkwater Marshes. Off the west coast are Haven, an island city ruled by a dictator, Dark Rock, an island overrun by gangs, and Gra’hevesar, the homeland of the elves.


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